White      Space.

It has been a week. A whole week since we were officially approved to foster love & care to a child or sibling group between the ages of zero and three. So far…. NO calls. I was starting to wonder if I heard you wrong God ? Didn’t you tell us to “sign up” for […]

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Why Am I Blogging?

My life has been driven lately by a 3 letter word–“Why?” And not JUST because I have a very inquisitive 3 year old boy. But perhaps he- my sweet, darling, perpetually curious ‘E’ has propelled me into an “adult why phase” of my own… a desire to examine the reason and purpose behind what I […]

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Doubt is the DEVIL

Do you believe in the devil? I never REALLY did growing up. As a pre-teen I dressed up as him on Halloween once. Bet he loved that. Now. Today. I know he is more than that cartoon-like character with horns and a pitchfork I envisioned in my youth. I have seen him. He has been hard […]

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