Why Am I Blogging?


My life has been driven lately by a 3 letter word–“Why?”

And not JUST because I have a very inquisitive 3 year old boy.

But perhaps he- my sweet, darling, perpetually curious ‘E’ has propelled me into an “adult why phase” of my own… a desire to examine the reason and purpose behind what I do, how I spend my God-given time, how I feel, how I parent, and so on.

Intentionality. I want to live on purpose.

 I’ve lived a lot of my 20s way too caught up in doing what I thought others wanted of me and trying to keep up “my image” which really was not authentic me at all. What a waste of time. It is a great way to lose yourself, your passion.

I fell in the social media trap. Comparing my behind the scenes, real life, to everyone else’s filtered, rose colored highlights of theirs.  And don’t get me wrong, Facebook and social media can be a great tool for some…but for me, it was TOXIC. I deleted my Facebook for good 2 Mays ago and my mental health, time management and productivity, faith, and relationships have all drastically improved. Before deleting it, I had an honest conversation with myself. Why was I on Facebook so much? Was it to receive validation from all the likes and comments? To show off my “perfect” family (I honestly felt so phony…who’s family is perfect, REALLY?)? To compete and compare? It just was not healthy for me. And not to mention, information overload! I did not have any good answers to my Facebook why. So it had to go.  Now, I spend the time I usually wasted scrolling through other people’s lives, focused on my own life, my faith, my purpose, and my family and friends (they have to actually talk to me now to catch up ha).

SO when I felt called to start a blog, I honestly wrestled with the idea for a long time. I kind of LIKED being “off the grid” (no online presence) and wanted to make certain that my WHYs were healthy and purposeful. Why was I going to blog? Were my whys valid, authentic, life-giving, purposeful, and worthy of my time?

I came up with all my WHY’s and determined that I needed to do it, vulnerable as it made me feel (my fingers tremble every time I very hesitantly hit “publish” on a public blog post).

My 7 WHY’s:

  1. I feel called to share my testimony & how God has so obviously shown up in our family’s life recently.  I have a testimony that no one else can tell & if I keep it all to myself it won’t do much to spread inspiration and hope. “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” (1 Peter 3:15)
  2. My 1st why leads me to my second why- I have never been very good at articulating and sharing my faith verbally in person, “in promptu”. This allows me to attempt but have something concrete to share in case I nervously fumble over my words (“If you’re interested in hearing more, I have a blog…”).
  3. Blogs can reach a lot of people, some who may have no faith or who may be needing a dose of inspiration. Already I have had views from all over the US, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Philippines, and Norway. (Again, kind of nerve wrecking knowing my words are being read by many, but I guess that is what it is all about.)
  4. Blogs can connect family. My family is HUGE. Updating everyone on what is going on in our journey would be near impossible without social media so this allows family near and far to follow along, of their own choosing, on their own time.
  5. To educate people about foster care. Foster care is not talked about often, considering over 430,000 US babies, children, and teens are in care. It is a crisis. And it needs to be talked about, not shoved under the rug.  
  6. To inspire others to join the fight. We need more GOOD foster homes. So kids who are being removed from all they have ever known feel SAFE and loved. So kids can heal, grow, and thrive while their own family works on its own healing.  It sickens me to hear of foster children being abused in homes that were supposed to be a safe haven for them. We need more GOOD homes so that foster care can be the start of healing and not stories of further pain and suffering. Do YOU have room in your home and your heart?
  7. This is my slightly selfish reason. I need a hobby and I love writing! It also helps me to remember why we are fostering and to process all that is happening and will happen, especially once we start receiving placements (should be pretty soon). *That being said- Once we do welcome children into our home, it is our job as foster parents to protect the privacy and anonymity of the children. For this reason, this blog will never disclose personal information about the children, specifics on their case, their background, or their family. I will never use their real names or post pictures of them here (no faces). It is their story to tell some day if they wish, not ours.


Next week, I turn 30. And I am so excited about life, so full of hope for the future. So ready to truly live ON PURPOSE. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the next 30 years.

As Rick Warren said in “The Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For?”, “Without God, life has no purpose, and without purpose, life has no meaning. Without meaning, life has no significance or hope.” What is your purpose? What did God create you to do here? What are your whys?


7 (1)


To read more about my Foster Care WHY, click: The Crazy Story of How God Called Us to Fostering: Risk or Paralysis ?

♥ Have a great week,


4 thoughts on “Why Am I Blogging?

    1. Thanks so much Patti!! You’ve been very much a part of it all too! Thanks for all your support and inspiration ❤️🙏 You are an awesome friend.


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