EVERYONE Has a Story:

Robin Williams starred in what is probably my favorite movie of all time: Patch Adams. I know, I know…go ahead and judge…”favorite movie of ALL TIME?!” But it’s true. It is definitely in my top 3. Probably because of my background in medicine and my love for heartfelt films, but I could watch that movie […]

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My Eyes Are On You:

As I was QUIETLY in the process of putting my 1.5 yr old daughter down for an afternoon nap, my 3.5 yr old son came sprinting into her room with my phone BLARING in his hand and his face full of excitement. “Mommy, Mommy, I found your favorite song!” Eli LOVES music. And to be […]

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My Children Are Not My Own:

In my 6.5 years as an oncology nurse working with children and young adults with cancer I learned SO much. About chemo and treatment plans, side effects and medications to treat them (which are often worse than the disease itself)…BUT, I think the most important “thing” I learned was that life can change SO quickly. […]

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I wanted to do a little informational blog today to share with you some of what I know about Foster Care so far through our in class training and my own reading/self-educating. I apologize in advance if the information is written rather “dry” but I think you will find some of it pretty shocking (as […]


Why The Dandelion Matters:

Growing up in the Kentucky Bluegrass, on a farm with room to run barefoot and free, I have memories of blowing dandelion “puffs” and making a wish. I loved those “weeds” and could not understand why people looking for the perfectly manicured lawn would do about anything to eradicate them! I thought they were beautiful […]

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