Avoiding Burnout

The start of a New Year often prompts resolutions to do more. Exercise more. Cook more healthy meals at home. Clean and organize more. Make more money. Travel more. But for our family, the start of January 2019 forced us to reevaluate.  To instead, search for ways to do LESS in order to make this […]

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A Review of 2018

Happy New Year ! At this point I’m more than a TAD late in wishing you all the best in 2019, but sick kiddos and just the general everyday chaos of 4 little ones age 4 and under has kept me distracted from ever finishing this blog post. I’ve lost count of how many times […]

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“Hard But Good.”

Whenever people ask me, in regards to fostering, “How is it ?”, I almost always give the same initial 3 word answer, “Hard but good.” It’s Hard: Hard because our lives and schedules have had to revolve around tons of appointments, therapies (and therapist’s schedules), visits, and meetings.  Since saying YES to this sibling placement […]

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Fostering: From Four to Six

I have a new writing partner.  She is asleep, next to me in the Rock n’ play. A whole 7 and a half pounds (and counting… girl is a champ at eating). She’s precious as ever. We will use that as her nickname (for confidentiality purposes)– “Precious”. It was Tuesday that our lives changed once […]

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Our First Foster Care Goodbye

It has taken me a while to get another blog post written since my last. There are reasons. One being that I could not justify more lost sleep or less time bonding with my own children and Sweetheart to sit down and write. Another that 3 kids under 4 is just plain ole busy. Mouths […]

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