Doubt is the DEVIL

Do you believe in the devil? I never REALLY did growing up. As a pre-teen I dressed up as him on Halloween once. Bet he loved that. Now. Today. I know he is more than that cartoon-like character with horns and a pitchfork I envisioned in my youth. I have seen him. He has been hard […]

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I Can Only Imagine:

*Quick update on where we are at in this process before getting deep into the heart of this blog post: This past Saturday we completed our final in class training, which was actually a makeup class as we all came down with the stomach bug the week in March when this class (the 4th of […]

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EVERYONE Has a Story:

Robin Williams starred in what is probably my favorite movie of all time: Patch Adams. I know, I know…go ahead and judge…”favorite movie of ALL TIME?!” But it’s true. It is definitely in my top 3. Probably because of my background in medicine and my love for heartfelt films, but I could watch that movie […]

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My Eyes Are On You:

As I was QUIETLY in the process of putting my 1.5 yr old daughter down for an afternoon nap, my 3.5 yr old son came sprinting into her room with my phone BLARING in his hand and his face full of excitement. “Mommy, Mommy, I found your favorite song!” Eli LOVES music. And to be […]

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My Children Are Not My Own:

WARNING: Grab some Kleenex and beware that this post goes deep. Don’t read while sitting in Starbucks…or the waiting room of the Doctor’s Office… In my days as a nurse working with children and young adults with cancer I learned SO much. About chemo and treatment plans, side effects and medications to treat them (which […]

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