“Hard But Good.”

Whenever people ask me, in regards to fostering, “How is it ?”, I almost always give the same initial 3 word answer, “Hard but good.” It’s Hard: Hard because our lives and schedules have had to revolve around tons of appointments, therapies (and therapist’s schedules), visits, and meetings.  Since saying YES to this sibling placement […]

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Fostering: From Four to Six

I have a new writing partner.  She is asleep, next to me in the Rock n’ play. A whole 7 and a half pounds (and counting… girl is a champ at eating). She’s precious as ever. We will use that as her nickname (for confidentiality purposes)– “Precious”. It was Tuesday that our lives changed once […]

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Our First Foster Care Goodbye

It has taken me a while to get another blog post written since my last. There are reasons. One being that I could not justify more lost sleep or less time bonding with my own children and Sweetheart to sit down and write. Another that 3 kids under 4 is just plain ole busy. Mouths […]

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White      Space.

It has been a week. A whole week since we were officially approved to foster love & care to a child or sibling group between the ages of zero and three. So far…. NO calls. I was starting to wonder if I heard you wrong God ? Didn’t you tell us to “sign up” for […]

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