Hey! I’m Angela & my husband and I have 2 kids: E, age 4 yrs, and K,  who’s 2 yrs.

We both grew up on family farms, in Kansas (Bryan) and in Kentucky (me). We met 8.5 years ago on an online dating site of all places. I joke that God must be tech savvy because Bryan is exactly what I had prayed for since I was young and dreamin’. And no it was not Farmers Only (haha) !  We married September of 2012 on a beach in Mexico and started our family almost 2 years later exactly (i went into labor on our 2nd anniversary and had E the next day!). K came almost 2 years exactly after that (her Birthday is 4 days after E’s). You may say I am a planner (or a control freak). Which brings me to why we are writing this blog today…God is working in our lives and we want to share our journey and bring awareness to foster care. The beauty and the brokenness. I have relinquished control and am excited to see where He takes us. Come along for the ride if you wish!

I hope you find hope, inspiration, and renewed faith. Tears and laughter. Real life stuff.

I also hope that this blog can educate and nudge a few more into foster care, respite care, or just reaching out to help the foster care community.


Us 🙂

**Disclosure: It is part of my job as a foster parent to protect the privacy and anonymity of the children who come into care in our home. For this reason I will never disclose personal information about their background, case, or family. I will never use their names or post pictures of them. It is their story to tell some day if they wish, to whom they wish, not ours. My goal is only to spread awareness and increase support for foster care & to hopefully inspire others to step out into their communities too.