We Are A Family of 5 AGAIN!

Our lives forever changed, yet again, just about 24 days ago when we welcomed a 4 lb 5oz bundle of joy & sweetness to our family and into our home. We are back to a family of 5! If you read my last blog (Our 3rd Call.), the phone call for this baby girl came […]

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Our 3rd Call.

Thursday our home officially “re-opened”. Friday afternoon, my phone rang. It was a number from “Georgetown” which is over an hour away. Seconds went by and ultimately I froze and let it go to voicemail. Pretty sure I did the same thing the last time we got “the call” (ha)… it is scary knowing your […]

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It’s Time.

It’s been a bit. Almost 2 months since I last wrote. So why the gap in blogging? What have we been up to? Well… I needed some time. WE needed some time. We chose to put our home on HOLD for the past 9 weeks, much longer than I had originally planned for. I struggled […]

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8 Months To Forever

Eight months.  Eight months ago Saturday we said YES to a newborn baby girl ready to be released from the hospital and YES to her 16 month old brother (who was in a different foster home that did not accept newborns).  I have vowed to be completely honest with you readers on this blog because, […]

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I lost my dad earlier this month. Just 2 days after his 60th birthday. I debated strongly as to whether I wanted to even share this (as it feels so intimate) or just move on with writing about our latest foster care happenings, but I decided it needed to be written about. For a couple […]

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March Madness

It’s March Madness around the ‘S’ household! But I haven’t watched a single game of the NCAA tournament. Instead, I have been distracted by our own version of madness; a month full of both upsets and triumphant “wins”.  We are deep in a spiritual battle where some days there are victories and others I just […]

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Avoiding Burnout

The start of a New Year often prompts resolutions to do more. Exercise more. Cook more healthy meals at home. Clean and organize more. Make more money. Travel more. But for our family, the start of January 2019 forced us to reevaluate.  To instead, search for ways to do LESS in order to make this […]

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