We Are A Family of 5 AGAIN!

Our lives forever changed, yet again, just about 24 days ago when we welcomed a 4 lb 5oz bundle of joy & sweetness to our family and into our home. We are back to a family of 5!

If you read my last blog (Our 3rd Call.), the phone call for this baby girl came less than 24 hours after that blog went live, which shared of a call that did NOT turn into (our) placement.  SO, if you ever wondered how great the need is… well… it is great (sadly & unfortunately). Back to back calls for newborns, the first a boy, the second a baby girl who we will refer to as our “Peanut”.  Daily (and nightly) life has been crazy since, hence the delay in getting this post written!


These past 24 days have been filled with many firsts. While this is our 4th foster kiddo to bless our home, in many ways the journey has been very different this time around.

We’ve experienced typical firsts like: first car rides (home from hospital), first bottles at home, first time meeting new siblings (who ADORE her), first Dr appointments, first smiles (gas), first baths, first times meeting family and friends, first trips to church, and more.  But we have also experienced a few unexpected and a-typical “firsts” like first time caring for a preemie, first NICU pick up, first time buying preemie diapers (SO tiny!) and clothes, first time mixing up a recipe for high calorie formula, first time rushing a foster child to the ER → first unplanned inpatient stay (she is ok, thank you God), and first time having my husband out of the country with a new placement in our home. 

“Whirlwind” is the word that comes to mind.

alone bed bedroom blur

If someone would have told me what all was ahead of this “YES”, I may very well have said “no way”. Out of fear. Out of feeling incapable. Out of selfishness. 

But that is why God shows us only one step of the staircase at a time. And our faith in Him allows us to respond in confidence even when the journey & destination are uncertain. Because He is beside us every step, strengthening and guiding. Faith allows us to do what others can not do. Without my faith in God, I could not have survived the past year– I would have given up after our first goodbye, maybe sooner. But look at all we would have missed. All the good, all the beauty, all the stretching and spiritual growth, & all the sweet, sweet snuggles. 


My latest song on repeat is “Stand In Your Love” by Josh Baldwin. I belt out the words “My fear doesn’t stand a chance when I stand in Your love” while driving, showering, cleaning, etc. 

“I stand in Your love

Standing on the rock”.

He, God, has been my ROCK through all of this. My husband too (except when he’s 6,376 miles away in Japan haha). 

** If you have foster care on your heart, but are letting fear get in the way, just know that He will be there every step. If I can help answer any questions don’t hesitate to “Contact Me” or comment below. And I promise I will try to blog more often and answer commonly asked questions via the blog soon!  We are slowly getting into a rhythm and things are calming down a bit (dare I say). Also, if you would like to follow our journey, click “MENU” above and type in your email to receive email notifications letting you know a new post is up. Thanks for all the prayers and to those who are a part of our village (friends, church, family), THANK YOU!




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