We Are A Family of 5 AGAIN!

Our lives forever changed, yet again, just about 24 days ago when we welcomed a 4 lb 5oz bundle of joy & sweetness to our family and into our home. We are back to a family of 5! If you read my last blog (Our 3rd Call.), the phone call for this baby girl came […]

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Our 3rd Call.

Thursday our home officially “re-opened”. Friday afternoon, my phone rang. It was a number from “Georgetown” which is over an hour away. Seconds went by and ultimately I froze and let it go to voicemail. Pretty sure I did the same thing the last time we got “the call” (ha)… it is scary knowing your […]

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It’s Time.

It’s been a bit. Almost 2 months since I last wrote. So why the gap in blogging? What have we been up to? Well… I needed some time. WE needed some time. We chose to put our home on HOLD for the past 9 weeks, much longer than I had originally planned for. I struggled […]

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8 Months To Forever

Eight months.  Eight months ago Saturday we said YES to a newborn baby girl ready to be released from the hospital and YES to her 16 month old brother (who was in a different foster home that did not accept newborns).  I have vowed to be completely honest with you readers on this blog because, […]

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I lost my dad earlier this month. Just 2 days after his 60th birthday. I debated strongly as to whether I wanted to even share this (as it feels so intimate) or just move on with writing about our latest foster care happenings, but I decided it needed to be written about. For a couple […]

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March Madness

It’s March Madness around the ‘S’ household! But I haven’t watched a single game of the NCAA tournament. Instead, I have been distracted by our own version of madness; a month full of both upsets and triumphant “wins”.  We are deep in a spiritual battle where some days there are victories and others I just […]

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